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Dogs West Events - Level 2 Public Health Measures

On Thursday March 3 Level 2 COVID Restrictions were introduced.

What does this mean for events at Dogs West?

There are mandated attendance limits and other Public Health Measures that apply to Events held on the Dogs West Grounds.

For ALL upcoming events you must register each person who will be attending, including yourself.

· Show Manager: new entries – complete the Attendees tab and save when doing entries

· Show Manager: shows already entered - click on 'My Area' from the menu then select 'My Events', click on the event name to view the event details page. From the event details page click on the 'Attendees' button to add in attendees.

· Easy Dogs: ensure you have completed the attendees section when entering.

· Paper Entries: you will be contacted for the details of any additional persons attending.

Conditions for ALL upcoming events

All Sanctioned Events (other than training) are subject to the conditions below until further notice.

· Restricted number of people permitted on Dogs West Grounds and at Sanctioned Events – maximum of 500 people

· Everyone must pre-register attendance so that Dogs West can demonstrate numbers in attendance. Failure to do so will result in entry to the grounds being refused.

· Minimal people are permitted to attend – Competitors and handlers only – to ensure the limit is not breached. (No family, friends, spectators or general public).

· Junior Handlers may have Parents or Guardian attend (must still be registered).

· Masks are to worn at all times, unless exempted, except in the ring where 1.5 m distancing shall apply.

· Minimal contact between judges, stewards and competitors.

· Exhibitors to mouth their own dogs

· 2 square meter rule applies in gazebos, eg a 3x3 gazebo may have 4 people at any one time.

· You MUST check in either via QR code and the WASafe app or the paper register at the Show Office.

· Please leave the grounds if you are no longer competing.

Things to consider

· Print out your numbers at home – limited number of blank number cards available at events – bring your own pen.

· Make use of online catalogues.

· Don’t share equipment.

· Maintain social distancing and good hygiene practices - use the sanitizer provided.

If the above conditions are not adhered to, or are seen to be breached, Dogs West will have no option but to cancel all Events until further notice.

The health and safety of our Members is paramount, and we ask everyone to cooperate so that we can all get through this period together.

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