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Stewarding in the Conformation Ring

Being a steward has many rewards.

You get to see a large selection of pure bred dogs. You get to meet judges from all around the world. You get to see your friends and competitors strut their stuff in the conformation ring.

A steward is an integral part of the conformation ring.

A steward ensures that the dogs and handlers are at ringside waiting to be judged and the show is not held up because the dog and handler are not ready.

There are two different stewarding jobs – Ring Steward and Gate Steward. Both are important and have different tasks associated with them.

If you feel like becoming a steward (even if you only volunteer to steward a couple times a year) then please contact Rod Shellback (Stewards Coordinator) and they can let you know when the next stewarding course will be run and can help you get started.

What is the Stewards Training course

Stewarding - Practical Assessment

If you want to become a Conformation Judge, it is a requirement to successfully complete the stewards training course (theory and practical).

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