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We believe all dogs deserve responsible owners.Dogswest group of dogs

Dogs West is the largest representative body of dog owners in WA. We represent the views of our members at local, State and Federal Government levels.

Our Association provides a range of valuable information regarding dogs and the joys of owning a dog.

Dog ownership is proven to be healthy in so many ways for all members of your family. Walking your dog is an ideal way to keep fit. A dog in your home reduces stress levels. And various medical studies have proven that dog owners require less medical treatment, have fewer illnesses and when ill, recover more quickly. This all adds up to a smaller burden on the health system, as well as a healthier, longer and more enjoyable lifestyle for the dog owner.

Dogs West, as part of promoting responsible dog breeding and ownership, endorses microchipping as a means of positively identifying dogs and assisting rangers in reuniting dogs with their rightful owners, if they are ever lost.

Excellent dog training programs are run throughout the year by several of our affiliate clubs and members.

At our grounds in Southern River, many fun activities and competitions are held throughout the year. You and your family are invited to attend and enjoy these events. We have obedience, agility, dog shows, retrieving and herding, as well as tracking, endurance and dances with dogs.

Many of these events are open to Dogs West members, regardless of the parentage of their dog. It's such fun to see the dogs and their owners enjoying the sport of agility. The dogs are barking. Their tails are wagging. They cannot wait for their turn to run the course!

Our members also receive a bi-monthly magazine, which is full of informative articles, handy hints and important contacts, as well as events schedules and results.

The cost of a Dogs West membership is reasonable and the rewards are limited only by your own level of participation. So why not join us and join in the fun! Click here to find out more.

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