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Key Questions To Ask When Looking For A Puppy

Selecting your breeder

Take time selecting your puppy and visit as many breeders as you can. Take note of the cleanliness of premises, general health of both dogs and puppies, and the willingness of the breeder to answer questions, show photos, pedigrees and other relevant documents.

Responsible breeders will:

  • Openly discuss both positive and negative aspects of the breed

  • Show you and allow you to handle dogs and puppies on the premisesPomeranian puppies

  • Have happy, healthy dogs in clean living quarters

  • Allow you to make regular visits

  • Ask you questions

  • Responsible breeders will provide

    • Complete vaccination records

    • Puppy care and diet sheet

    • Further help and advice

Remember ....

  • Talk to and visit as many breeders as possible

  • Ask as many questions as you can think of

  • Be prepared to have questions asked of you

  • Talk to breed clubs and the CAWA

Responsible breeders will care about the future well-being of their puppies

Questions you should ask

Choosing a breeder and selecting your puppy takes time and thought. Remember to ask questions such as these before meeting your new family member.

  • Can we visit before deciding on our breed?

  • Why did you choose this breed and how long have you been involved with it?

  • Do you have other breeds or other litters available?

  • If we decide on your breed/litter, can we visit regularly before choosing our pup?

  • Can we see the dam/sire or other family members?gsp puppy

  • Can we see all the litter together?

  • At what age can we take the puppy home?

  • When are the puppies wormed and vaccinated?

  • Are the puppies registered with the Canine Association of Western Australia?

  • Are there any hereditary conditions in the breed?

  • If so, can we see certification of results/scoring?

  • If any unforeseen conditions arise, can the puppy be returned?

Take time making your selection as your puppy will grow into a lifetime responsibility and be with you for many years.

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