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Fast Track Service

Our normal services are not subject to long delays, however, we recognize that there are times when a member wishes to have a transaction processed quickly. Our FAST TRACKING SERVICE allows you to have your litter registration, transfer of ownership, duplicate paperwork or title application processed as a top priority.


What you have to do:

  • Submit your application, ensuring all paperwork and requirements are correctly completed inc signatures, health tests etc.

  • Clearly mark 'FAST TRACKING SERVICE' on the outside of the envelope containing your application AND on the top of the paperwork.

  • Provide a daytime telephone number or email.

  • Pay all normal fees plus additional 'Fast Track Fee' per application. Payment will only be accepted by cash, money order or EFTPOS.

What we will do:

  • Process your application as a top priority within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Should your paperwork be incomplete or incorrect we will attempt to contact you to resolve. Your application will then be processed within 24 hours of all required information being corrected and received.

  • Have your documents ready either for collection from Dogs West Reception 24 hours after receipt of the complete application, or posted out to you in the next available mail service.

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