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Dogs West Cash Handling Policy

In the interest of promoting secure cash handling practices and ensuring the safety of both our employees, volunteers, and all individuals involved in transactions with Dogs West, we have adopted and new cash handling policy.


This policy aligns with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, prioritizing the security of everyone engaged in payment transactions on behalf of the Association.


  1. Limiting Cash Holdings and Promoting Electronic Payments: To minimize the risks associated with handling large sums of cash, Dogs West will implement a cash holding limit of $10,000 at our Warton Road facility. Consequently, we will no longer accept cash payments exceeding $2,000. We encourage all payments above this threshold to be made via electronic means, ensuring a secure and traceable transaction process.


  1. Transitioning to Direct Payments for Prizes and Payments: To further enhance safety and streamline payment processes, Dogs West will no longer provide cash, including vouchers, for prizes, Steward's Gift, or Judges' payments. Instead, all payments will be facilitated through direct electronic transfers. Working Parties involved in events will collect email addresses or bank details during registrations or through other means to ensure prompt and efficient payments either before or after the event.


  1. Requesting Cash Payments Under Special Circumstances: In exceptional cases where cash payments are necessary, we have established a specific procedure to follow. Working Party Coordinators must submit a written request to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a minimum of four weeks before the event. The request should outline the reason for the cash requirement and explain why direct payment alternatives are not feasible. The CEO will review the request and respond in writing, confirming the decision.



What’s Changed

  • Dogs West Working Parties are reducing payments by cash. This means Dogs West office are supporting the working parties by doing more direct purchasing and paying things such as prizes and judges fees via electronic payment.
  • Payment to Winning Exhibitors. You may be asked for bank details that will be securely kept in the new safes, for prompt payments the following week.


By implementing these modifications, Dogs West aims to foster a safer cash handling environment and uphold compliance with relevant legislation. Together, we can create a secure and efficient payment system that benefits everyone involved. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to this policy.

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