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Dogs West Trailer Expression of Interest

The Dogs West covered trailer has been loaned to Bunbury and Districts Dog Club since mid-2023.


The trailer is being offered to Affiliated Dog Clubs for a 12 month period.

The aim is to assist Clubs to increase their activities or trial new activities that require a trailer or storage before deciding to invest in a permanent solution.

Does your Club have an idea to help you grow? Maybe offering dog training in different locations, or more fun days to increase your membership.


If you think the free use of the Dogs West trailer for 12 months will help your club, please apply by sending the answers to the following questions to Subject line: Trailer EOI

Club Name

Applicant name and position of person applying.

Applicant’s mobile/contact number

What activities will the trailer help you deliver?

What outcomes are you hoping to achieve? (e.g. membership growth; offering more activities)

What will you do after the 12 months? (e.g. if successful, we have the funds to XXX or if successful we would require further fundraising or grants to continue XXX).

The Executive Committee will consider all applications and make recommendations to Governing Council.


Submissions due 5 April 5pm

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