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How to Show Your Dog


The purchase of a pedigreed puppy is a pleasurable and often emotional experience and it is easy to become so engrossed with this side of the arrangements that the more mundane but neverthelessimportant aspects are forgotten.

When you purchased your puppy you should have been provided with a receipt showing that the puppy was purchased with papers, followed by a Certificate of Registration showing the puppy is registered with the Association and recorded as being owned by you.

You are now eligible to complete a membership application form and on payment of the membership fee, to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the club and official canine activities. You will also receive in the mail every two months, a copy of the Association's magazine "WA Canine News" where schedules for Championship Shows, Open Shows, Parades, Obedience, Retrieving and Agility Trials are published.


The new exhibitor will require assistance from the breeder or some other person experienced in showiung dogs to assist in the selection of fixtures at which the new exhibitor can gain experience, and in the completion of the entry form.

It is equally important that the new exhibitor learns how to prepare their dog prior to the show so that the dog is groomed in a manner which will enhance it's appearance.

"Show Preparation' and "Handling Expertise" are topics requiring study and experience. We recommend the new exhibitor study books on show preparation of their selected breed, and watch experienced exhibitors preparing their dogs for show.

The preparation of the Entry is simply started by "filling in all the information required on the entry form", attaching a cheque or postal order and forwarding it to the Secretary's address as stated in the schedule. The new exhibitor would be well advised to discuss the selection of the first few fixtures at which they intend to show and the completing of the entry form with an experienced exhibitor so that there is no misunderstanding or disappointment.


Be prepared so that everything possible is in your favour.

  • Complete your "Pre Show" grooming preparation.
  • Practiced the art of presenting your exhibit in the recognised manner for your breed.
  • Train your dog to move correctly on a loose lead or as is acceptable for your breed
  • You have collected together all grooming gear you require at the show, the items you require for your dogs and your own comfort and a copy of the Schedule applicable to the Show, so that you know the conditions of entry, and the venue.
  • Leave home in plenty of time to arrive at the Show early, and in the event of something unforeseen occurring which causes you delay, you can still arrive before the Scheduled time required.


After parking your car and collecting exhibit numbers at the show office, if applicable, find out in which ring your breed will be shown.

At a benched show your dog must be securely tied to his bench and made comfortable. He must be attended at all times. For an unbenched show, find a spot in the vicinity of the ring where you can place your equipment and settle down until required for judging. Ensure you are close enough to see and hear the Stewards call.

Immediately the Gate Stewards call your breed, make your way quickly to the assembly area and wait for the Steward to call your exhibit number.

  • When your exhibit number is called, acknowledge your presence and move to the area nominated by the Steward.
  • From this time onwards pay attention to the Gate Steward until the Ring Steward directs you to move into the ring. Whilst you are in the judging ring obey the requests of both the Ring Steward and the Judge.
  • It is suggested if the Group judging is to be conducted in another ring, you find a spot in the vicinity of that ring and wait there until the call for "all class winners in the group" for the judging of Group Specials.
  • Immediately the exhibits eligible for group specials are called, acknowledge your attendance to the Gate Steward and remain in the area directed.
  • If you are awarded an "In Group" award you are eligible to compete for "In Show" specials and therefore immediately enquire when and where the In Show Specials will be judged.
  • Once the Steward has informed you, that you are no longer required in the Group Judging Ring, move to the vicinity of the ring in which "In Show" (or commonly called - General Specials) will be judged.
  • When called by the Gate Steward, acknowledge your attendance and await further instructions.
  • If you are awarded a prize "In Show"  - hearty congratulations!  If you do not get that far "Best of Luck" for the next time.

The show is now over, have a safe trip home and we hope you have had an enjoyable day and will join us again next time.


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