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Dogs West Fee Changes 2023

From 1 July our fees are changing. Our updated fees list is available here. We have answered some common questions about the fee changes below.


Why are Dogs West’s fees changing?

Each year we review our fees to make sure we can continue to serve our member’s needs.

Factors that influence a fee change can include:

  • Rising cost of services and utilities
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates
  • Wage Price Index (WPI) rates
  • Inflation
  • Interest rate changes

Since COVID-19 pandemic, Dogs West chose to minimise increases, with 2022/2023 seeing a 0% increase and overall, between 2019-2022 increases totalled approximately 6-8%. In comparison, during this time CPI collectively increased by 13.2%.

This means Dogs West have been absorbing the cost increases for several years and overall expenses have increased higher and faster than the Association’s income.


Why doesn’t Dogs West use the funds from the sale of the land?

For the Association’s long-term sustainability, it is important it remain cost-neutral at a minimum or at best achieve some profit to reinvest in the Association’s future growth and potential. This is currently not occurring for the reasons stated above.

It is correct that the sale of the proportion of land on the Southwest corner has enabled the Association to have a healthy investment sum.  However, these funds are being held specifically for the development, maintenance or repair of Dogs West assets such as the new car park and entry statement.  Asset development and repair and maintenance of these assets are very expensive and construction and trade costs continue to rise.

It would be a poor financial decision to use this limited capital resource to cover general expenses. The reserve funds are also generating some income via bank interest rates. While this is an unstable income, and able to change throughout the year, it is currently supporting the Association achieve a ‘close to neutral’ budget in 2023/2024.


How was the fee change calculated?

We use cost data from previous years and forecast future costs to estimate the amount we will need to spend in the coming year.


What is Dogs West doing to keep costs down?

We’ve taken a proactive approach, looking for opportunities to reduce costs where possible as contracts approach renewal. However, the Association is entering a phase requiring investment. Technology has changed considerably, as has the legislative environment surrounding Associations.

From Workplace Safety and Risk Management to Website, system processes and membership value, all requiring improvements. These are all at a cost and Dogs West is prioritising items and implementing in phases to minimise the financial impact.

Our priority is to remain relevant as a peak body in Western Australia as well as a sustainable, member focused organisation. This provides the Association with the best chance of growth. As members and activities grow, cost pressures are reduced.


Do I need to pay/can I pay my membership renewal now.

No, as always, your renewal can only be paid after 1 July. Renewals will be sent by the 3 July as the 1 July is a Saturday, first by email and then by post. Any member who does not have a valid email address will have their membership renewal invoice posted out on the 30 June 2023.


What happens if I forget to pay my renewal?

Any membership renewal not paid within the first two months of the new financial year shall be subject to a late fee.

An important reminder for breeders, Membership and prefix renewals unpaid for three months from 1 July will be considered lapsed and will require successful completion of Part A of the Breeders Prefix Exam before renewal of the prefix is accepted.

For more information please see Section R 1.11 of the Dogs West Regulations.

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