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Vero Voting FAQs


Who is Vero?

Vero Voting is an independent Australian company that specialises in planning, management and delivery of independent enterprise agreement votes, ballots, elections, and AGMs. They have worked with small and large companies such as Reserve Bank of Australia, Bendigo Bank and KPMG.


How will Vero get my details?

Vero Voting asks for a voters list from Dogs West. This voters list will contain details of each eligible voter. They use the voters list to manage access to their voting system, and to contact you with voting information.


Will Vero Voting contact me in the future?

Once a ballot, election, or AGM is over all personal details are deleted in line with their internal security policy. The only way you will be contacted from Vero Voting is if you are on the voters list for a ballot, election, or AGM in the future, in which case your details would be provided to them at that time.


Does anyone know how I voted?

No. Vero only conduct secret ballots, elections, and AGMs. Every ballot, election, or AGM vote entered into our system is anonymous. Your personal information enables authentication and is not associated with your vote preference.


I can’t find my login details to access the vote.

Voting instructions and login details are sent directly by Vero Voting. If you have received an email, SMS, or Letter from Vero Voting, please check it for your login details. If you have misplaced this information, please ring the support line on 1300 702 898.


How will I know if my electronic vote was successful?

When you have conducted your vote, Vero voting will send you a receipt either via email or SMS.


When do I receive the results of the vote?

Vero Voting will send the Declaration of Results to the CEO of Dogs West once the vote has closed. It will be up to the client when and how this information will be released.

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